Making the healthy
choice easy


With Gingerwald we strive to bring a positive and healthy vibe to your office floors,  
and provide you with an easy way to complement your busy lifestyle,
 without being too patronising or telling you what you should or shouldn't do (or eat).

We will take care of the hard work for you
and bring you an easy shot of pure health straight to your desk.

Our Gingerwald concept is made out of two main principles. (i) Raw cold-pressed juice-shots to give you the highest and freshest quality of juice available. (ii) An interactive nicely designed juice-corner to create that social take-a-break-feeling at work.

All you need to know is that our juice-shots are so ridiculously healthy and so darn easy to gulp down that you have indulged a considerable amount (+/- 250g per shot) of veggies, fruit and herbs before you can even say 'cheers!'.


Our final goal is to convince also those non-health-goeroes out there to go for something extremely healthy in a fun and easy way!

In other words: 

"We provide Juice for People who don't do Juice!"

Juice shots

Raw cold-pressed juices of vegetables, fruit and herbs, without any pasteurisation or additives, just the way mother nature and your grandmother would make them (if they had the fancy tools), delivered in 100ml sized bottles in order to persuade also the non-health goeroe to go for a healthy boost.

Why cold pressed? Learn more.

Why not pasteurised? Learn more.

Why shots? Learn more.

Juice-corner and juicy app

Our continuously changing juice-shots will be directly delivered in to our nicely wooden and special designed juice-corner. The size of the corner and fridge will be customised to your needs, so you can place it in your lobby, cafeteria or meeting rooms.

The built-in iPad helps to create “a positive-vibe-social-corner-feeling” (yes it’s a new word..) where employees

  • can check out the used ingredients and their health benefits,

  • can treat a co-worker on a healthy shot when he or she is desperately trying to get through a hangover from last nights office party,

  • can see an overview of the total amount of ingredients devoured during a certain period

  • even a joke and a health tip of the day will be amongst the app-features.