Healthy, but easy

Our product is completely following the trends of today: healthy, fast and easy! We all have a busy lifestyle and often look for the fast and easy solution. Gingerwald hereby offers an excellent proposal:  our cold-pressed juice-shots are not only pure nature and extreme healthy, they are ridiculously easy to indulge too!  The ideal fuel for every employee.


Health is Wealth

What you consume, has an enormous impact on how you feel and perform! Wealth is something that is respected and aimed for everywhere. We invest in it and we work hard to achieve it. We also handle it wisely and will not be mislead by crooks. We do not spend it all at once, but we think of the future and try to save for a rainy day. At Gingerwald, we see health the same way as wealth, although we aim to approach it in a fun, easy and non-patronising way.

healthy is the new sexy

Before, a healthy lifestyle might’ve had a certain reputation, being associated with new ageism and hippies. Nowadays there’s nothing sexier than taking care of yourself, making sure you eat the right things and exploring all kinds of healthy options. Today people want to be the best version of themselves and what could be sexier than that? Gingerwald embodies this sexy way of life and creates an easy way to achieve it. So hop on board the Gingerwald train, you sexy thing!