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Juice up your business event

Give your clients, partners and employees an original and healthy boost at your corporate events. Our flashy cold-pressed juice combinations are the perfect conversation starter.

We offer a varying selection of juice-shots consisting of unique fruit, vegetable and herb combo's, nicely installed in an interactive juice corner at your event.

Providing a fun and healthy touch at work in a whole different way.

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Why choose Gingerwald?

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Raw cold-pressed juices of vegetables, fruit and herbs, without any pasteurisation or additives, just the way mother nature and your grandmother would make them (if they had the fancy tools), delivered in 100ml sized bottles in order to persuade also the non-health goeroe to go for a healthy boost.

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A fancy designed juice-corner to welcome your guests with funky juice-combinations and boosting ingredients, that will make them forget about bubbles, beers and office party hangovers.