Why "Ginger"-wald, we hear you ask...

Basically, because every other name in the world was already taken ... in all languages .... BUT,

Although certainly not all of our juices contain ginger (we aim for 1 out of 3 juices delivered every week spiced up with some ginger), we do not hide our love for this fiery root.

And indeed, you are not the first to drink ginger-based brews. Already centuries ago merchants traded these spices coming from the far reaches of Tashkent and Mogadishu. Its healing effects had been given mythical proportions: no more migraine, sustainable energy peaks and remedial for many ailments. Women experienced an eternal youth and men immortalized their potential. Via global networks, where Twitter and Google still can learn from, the substance was imported into our region. It was a tough journey, on the backs of donkeys and camels on the Silk Routes, along Petra and Constantinople, along with hailstorms and whirlwinds, over rugged mountains and through non-paved paths. Western nobility and royal families were paying sky-high prices to get this stuff. It gave them energy during endless wars or night long partying and cheered them on in times of plague and cholera. There are even ancient Roman texts about the positive effect of these spices curing medieval burn-outs of troubadours, bible copiers and court clowns.

 While Gingerwald guarantees the ancient healing properties,  you get the easy to swallow-version of ginger through our shots.

Enjoy and keep your juices flowing!